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ATV & Side-By-Side Guided Tours AND Unguided Rentals – Kremmling Outpost

(Please Arrive 30-45 Minutes Prior to Departure)

ATV & Side-By-Side Guided Tours AND Unguided Rentals  – Kremmling Outpost

Meeting point for Wolford Mt. Recreation Area.

Please note: Transportation temporarily unavailable due to covid-19

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Scenic Highlights

The Wolford Mountain Recreation Area is subject to a host of breathtaking views, activities, and encapsulates the beautiful mountainous terrain and vistas characteristic of Colorado. With 120 miles of roads and designated routes, there is a large expanse to explore and take in. Additionally, the Wolford Mountain Recreation Area also houses the Wolford Mountain Reservoir, which dams Muddy Creek, and is a part of the Colorado River watershed. As you ride through the Wolford Mountain Recreation Area, you may also park your ATV and hike into the fossil site to catch a glimpse of the wide varieties of fossils and cretaceous ammonite, with species such as Placenticeras meeki and other marine invertebrates.


The majority of our ATVS are the Can-Am Outlander Max, an ATV designed specifically for off road, all-terrain trails with 48 horsepower, power steering, independent front and rear suspension, and twenty-five-inch all-terrain tires. These ATVS are brand new, well made, and seat one driver and one passenger, and are strong and durable, able to withstand a large amount of weight without inhibiting performance. The Outlander Max also features a small storage compartment and rack for the additional storage of goods.

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