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We had a GREAT time. Trevor our guide was outstanding.

This was our first time on a snow machine. We have been wanting to for a long time, but with an autistic son it just seemed like something we wouldn’t be able to do. Or at least would have to find just the right moment without him in order to go. We had our chance and jumped.

We took a 2 hour scenic tour. Got suited up in the gear and headed out for absolutely perfect weather. It ended up just the two of us and our guide Trevor. Trevor the gentle giant. We only got lost once. We ate the lower half of one of his legs before we were found by the next tour. He was a good sport about it and it turns out you don’t need two legs to drive a snow machine anyway.

We went with the 550 machines which are plenty powerful enough for beginners on a scenic tour. They are 2-stroke motors, so you can get a little stinky. If you’re sensitive to noise you may want to bring ear plugs with you along with your gloves and eye protection. They have heaters too, but it was warm enough that day for us. Don’t forget sunscreen!

The tour is nice for beginners. We thought the machines were pretty easy to use and could see the tour being a bit slow for anyone that’s driven a machine before. The best part was ‘the track’. Open up the throttle, but ride safe and in control. The tubing hill is huge and you might want to splurge on that.

Our next go we’re going to upgrade to the 4-stroke machines and do the 2-hour tour with 1-hour tubing. That would make for a great time.

We had also explained our family situation to Trevor and how we might be able to come out as a family. He said we should put our son between two people on the three-seater so he could hold on to someone and the back person could hold on to him (no seatbelts here). It was nice to have an option for something we never thought we’d be able to do with him. We’ll be out as a family next time. Hopefully we won’t have to eat our tour guide as we’ll have a lot more mouths to feed. Learn More

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