Referral Program

This program is for people working or playing with the public who want to make extra money by referring clients to High Country Tours. We will pay you $5 for every snowmobile driver who books with us that you referred.

How It Works
  • Fill out the application below.
  • We email you your personal promo code to give out when you tell people about us.
  • The referrals use your promo code to save $5 per driver when booking the tour.
  • At the end of the month we look to see how many times your promo code was used. We take that times $5 and mail you a check for that amount.
  • After you send us your first 10 referrals, you can take one of our tours for free.
  • If yearly payout exceeds $600 we will need your SS# to mail you a 1099.
  • Promo Codes

    Give us 3 choices for what you'd like your promo code to be. Must be composed of letters and numbers, it is case sensitive. We suggest you to use your name. (Ex: joesmith)