Advanced Snowmobile Tour

Birdseye Outpost

2 Hour Tour - Polaris 550cc Snowmobile
2 Hour Tour - RMK Snowmobile
2 Hour Tour - Indy Snowmobile
2 Hour Tour - Skidoo Renegade
3 Hour Tour - RMK Snowmobile
3 Hour Tour - Indy Snowmobile
3 Hour Tour - Polaris 550cc Snowmobile

Advanced Snowmobile Tour Available starting January 15



This 2hr or 3hr tour* gives you the freedom to tell your guide what you want to do on your tour. Your guide will be able to teach you new techniques from powder riding to hill climbing. If you already know how your guide can show you the awesome spots and powder stashes. Single riders only. We start offering this tour January 15th depending on snow coverage. No transportation provided.

It’s the Memory of a Lifetime

Come experience Colorado’s beauty with a snowmobile vacation in Summit County Colorado area. High Country Tours is approximately 1 1/2 hours away from Denver.